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Zachary C. Ashby is a family law attorney at Pacific Northwest Family Law who aggressively advocates for clients throughout the state of Washington. Zachary understands how much is at stake in family law disputes. He believes long-term strategies, care, and consideration are necessary in order to peacefully resolve disputes and protect the important relationships that exist between family members. His goal is to help his clients preserve their healthy personal relationships while also preventing their unhealthy relationships from negatively affecting their lives. He will always put your needs first.

Zachary believes it’s important for every client to get a fair chance in the legal system. He also believes that clients should feel informed about their legal rights and comfortable expressing their ideas when working with an attorney. For these reasons, he works closely with each client to help them understand their legal options and make the decisions that are right for their future. He strives to build positive relationships with his clients, educate them on how the law works, and make sure they understand the potential outcomes to their case. Then, he learns more about their unique needs and goals so he can explain the steps that need to be taken to reach the outcome they desire. This way, clients know what to expect at each stage in the legal process.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Zachary attended Brigham Young University, where he obtained a B.A. degree. He then enrolled in Stanford University, where he earned a doctorate in Iberian and Latin American Cultures. He planned on becoming a Spanish professor, but his career path shifted once he had children while finishing graduate school at Stanford. There is nothing that is more important to Zachary than his family. The special bond he shared with his children inspired him to become a family lawyer so he could advocate on behalf of families in Washington. To achieve this goal, Zachary enrolled in J. Reuben Clerk Law School at Brigham Young University, where he earned his J.D. After finishing law school, Zachary began his career as a lawyer at Pacific Northwest Family Law.

Now, Zachary is an accomplished family law attorney who helps families in Washington work toward brighter futures. He is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese, which allows him to serve a more diverse group of clients. His dedication and commitment to his clients earned him a place on the “10 Best Family Law Attorneys” list created by American Institute of Family Law Attorneys. He is also frequently invited to speak on family law issues at legal conferences, where he discusses various topics including collaborative divorce, relocation, and case management techniques.