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Steven Goldman attended the University of Arizona in the early 90s, earning his Bachelor’s in criminal justice in 1995. He then journeyed to Lansing, MI, in order to attend law school at Thomas Cooley where he was a cum laude graduate in 1998. After graduating, Mr. Goldman brought the same aggressive approach that he brings to his cases to beginning his own criminal defense law firm. Since that time, he has focused the attention of his practice solely on criminal cases, giving particular emphasis to those crimes that other criminal defense lawyers often shy away from, such as weapons charges, DUI/DWI, and drug crimes.

Regardless of the type of litigation he must face, Chicago criminal defense lawyer Steven Goldman has years of experience that enable him to display considerable legal prowess in and out of the courtroom. With more than 5,000 cases handled, Mr. Goldman has gained the experience necessary to experience an incredibly high rate of success in his criminal defense cases. Because our clients are aware that the outcome of a criminal case will forever change their lives either for the better or for the worse, most have intentionally chosen Steven Goldman, in part, because of his extensive experience and their conviction that Steven Goldman is a criminal defense attorney in Chicago who will openly communicate with them and work closely with them rather than passing them off to a junior law clerk who has little or no courtroom experience.