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5622 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, Arizona 85301
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Ms. Shasta Nolte is a family law, estate planning, and civil litigation attorney with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Juris Doctorate from University of Texas Law School. She is licensed in both Texas and Arizona and has practiced Family Law in both states. Shasta gained valuable experience in Family law and estate planning at her prior firms, honing her skills so she is able to provide exceptional representation for her clients. She began her career with Bellah Law in January 2018.

It is her belief that there are two challenges in every family law matter, the emotional battle and the legal battle. Shasta is passionate about helping clients’ navigate the emotional and legal landscape in every type of family law matter. Shasta is a licensed mediator in the State of Texas and uses those skills to facilitate settlement negotiations even in the most emotionally charged legal matters.

Before becoming an attorney, Shasta served in the United States Navy and United States Army Reserves. She is a wife and mother of three beautiful children. She volunteers for both the Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts. Shasta gives back to the community through providing free legal services and represents one client pro bono at all times.