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Attorney Robert H. Farley, Jr. has provided legal representation to individuals with disabilities and their families for over twenty years in support of their rights, entitlements to adult and children’s services, special education, the development of customized estate plans and special needs trusts, guardianship, and public benefits.

Disability funding and services are available for persons who are developmentally disabled, mentally ill, physically disabled, elderly or medically fragile.

During the last 10 years, Attorney Robert H. Farley, Jr. has filed 7 Federal Class Action Lawsuits against the State of Illinois which has successfully resulted in changing the disability system in Illinois to provide Millions, Hundreds of Millions, and Billions of dollars for disability services. No other attorney in the United States has achieved this recent success.

Mr. Farley speaks and writes frequently on the topics of disability, disability rights and entitlements to disability funding and services.

Mr. Farley is the proud father of four children, including Ryan, his 35 year-old developmentally disabled son.