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2555 N MacGregor Way, Houston, Texas 77004
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Rob Cantu is a driven and compassionate personal injury attorney based in Houston, TX, dedicated to providing tenacious legal representation to those who have suffered due to the negligence of others. As a local of the Rio Grande Valley, his roots in San Juan, Texas, instilled in him a strong sense of community and justice, values he brings to his practice at Roberts Markland LLP.

Rob’s educational journey began with a Bachelor of Arts in Government from the prestigious University of Texas at Austin. The halls of Thurgood Marshall School of Law later shaped his legal acumen, where he demonstrated his advocacy skills in moot court and negotiation competitions. During his time there, he not only contributed as a member of the Hispanics Law Student Association but also excelled as the Articles Editor for the school’s law review, showcasing his commitment to academia and the legal profession.

Today, Rob’s expertise encompasses a diverse range of personal injury specializations, including commercial litigation, auto and commercial accidents, catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death cases. His unyielding commitment to justice is evident in his successful track record of litigated cases, where he relentlessly seeks fair compensation and closure for his clients.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Rob’s dedication to community service is unwavering. He is an active participant in community initiatives, leveraging his network and knowledge for the betterment of Houstonians. Additionally, he extends his passion for law through mentorship, molding the minds of law students and young professionals who aspire to make a positive impact through legal work. As a frequent speaker, Rob raises awareness about personal injury law, striving to educate the public on their rights.

In recognition of his dedication to the greater good, Rob is a regular at charity events throughout the Houston area. He takes great pride in giving back, whether it’s through pro bono work or fundraising efforts that support local causes. But it’s not all work and no play for Rob Cantu—his passions extend to athletic pursuits like playing sports and lifting weights, and he embraces leisure activities including hunting, fishing, watching movies, and traveling.

To connect with Rob or engage in community and networking events, you’ll often find him at the heart of Houston’s vibrant social scene. Rob’s multifaceted approach to law and life positions him as not just an attorney but as a proponent of positive change in his community. If you require a personal injury attorney whose determination is matched only by his empathy, look no further than Rob Cantu—a true advocate for the people of Houston.


  • University of Texas – B.A. in Government
  • J.D. from Thurgood Marshall School of Law


  • Texas, Southern District of Texas