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The Law Office of Najda Kazarian provides a tireless and driven advocate who knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system. Our experienced attorney has found her passion in exclusively representing clients who are accused of a criminal conduct and help them navigate the legal system in criminal matters. The Law Office of Najda Kazarian understands how critical the need for excellent representation is and strives to protect the rights and freedom of her clients.

Najda Kazarian is a skilled and experienced attorney who has dedicated herself to the best interest of her clients. She has served clients facing criminal complications in San Diego, Ventura and Fresno County. No matter how big or small the case, Mrs. Kazarian has aggressively defended her clients every step of the way throughout her career and obtained countless verdicts in their favor.

Starting her career as a Deputy Public Defender, Mrs. Kazarian has changed the lives of hundreds of individuals and achieved favorable outcomes for her clients. As a misdemeanor Deputy Public Defender, she handled cases like DUIs, driving on a suspended license, public intoxication, battery, vandalism, domestic violence, drug and sex crimes.

Mrs. Kazarian’s commitment to her clients, professionalism and seasoned understanding for the court of law have promoted her to felony assignments within 11 months of working at the Fresno Public Defender’s Office. Recognition of her work ethic among peers and colleagues have led her to be in charge of busy courtrooms with substantial caseloads. Mrs. Kazarian has handled general felony cases such as robbery, residential burglary, elder and animal abuse, unlawfully taking of a vehicle, receiving stolen property, home invasion, vandalism, evading a peace officer, criminal threat, assault, drug sales, gun charges, and sex crimes like possession of child porn. Subsequently, Mrs. Kazarian was placed on the domestic violence team, which became the main focus of her practice.