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Attorney Michael A. Camadeco is an aggressive and skilled criminal defense attorney. Attorney Camadeco has devoted his entire formal education and professional experience to criminal defense work. Mr. Camadeco has worked both in the public and private sector.

During Attorney Camadeco’s time in the public sector, he worked with several public entities including criminal defense clinics, public defenders offices’ and the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. Being a part of DJJ, Attorney Camadeco holds a unique set of training and skills that few—if any—hold. These skills combined with proven criminal defense experience allows Attorney Camadeco to handle juvenile cases in a unique manner.

After working in the public, Attorney Camadeco made his transition into private practice. Traveling across Southwest Florida helping people fight against criminal charges that could change their lives forever, Attorney Camadeco has made it a point to develop strong relationships with the local prosecutors and court staff. With a deep understanding of each court’s unique policies and procedures, he is able to aggressively defend your rights.