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3525 Hyland Ave Suite 270 Costa Mesa, California 92626
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Kay Kiarash Jafari earned his J.D. from Trinity Law School, ranking the top of his class in the subjects of Civil Procedure, Community Property, and Business Organizations. He would pass the California Bar Exam on his first try and become a General Partner for the very law firm that he and his brother successfully grew together since 2005.
Within his first year of being a licensed attorney, Kay successfully shook the very foundation of the “only one winner” rule that has been long-held California’s courts through a decision that the Court of Appeal certified for publication after considering the persuasive briefing and oral arguments presented by him. Sharif v. Mehusa, Inc. (2015) 241 Cal.App.4th 185. The firm’s clients have long respected Kay not only for his ability to vigorously represent their interests but also for his genuine concern for their emotional well-being.