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100 Centerview Dr, Ste 205 Birmingham, AL 35216, Alabama 35216
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Jason’s practice is focused primarily on representing small and medium-sized, closely held business and commercial ventures, as well as individuals, in litigation that arises related contractual and commercial disputes, insurance coverage, intellectual property, and the proper operation and maintenance of commercial premises. With that said, he has a fundamental understanding and appreciation for both sides of the aisle, which most attorneys lack.

Unlike most other attorneys, Jason treats his job as he would his personal life. He takes a real interest in each and every one of his client’s matters and businesses, truly immersing himself in their story so that he can understand the situation fully and relay it to a jury. In short, Jason looks at his job the same way Sylvester Stallone looked at the movie “Rocky”: he is the writer, director, producer, and lead actor for the film he is going to present at court – and he’s going to win that Academy Award. In order to do that, however, he and his clients need to create personal relationships with personal interactions, and that is something that simply cannot be done via a secretary or paralegal.

Jason’s experience at trial on both the plaintiff’s side and the defense provides a unique and unparalleled frame of reference. From negotiating contracts on behalf of high-profile clients to trying a case to verdict, Jason’s approach is geared towards developing a fundamental understanding of his client’s business at the outset of the case so that the client’s position is effectively communicated in a cost-effective manner.

Outside of the office, Jason coaches his children’s soccer teams and loves to catch his favorite bands and musical acts at live shows. He is also an avid amateur chef, a wine enthusiast, and a skilled poker player.