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300 S. Spring Street Suite 615 Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
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George “Birc” Morledge, IV attended law school at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Birc passed the bar in 2008 and has spent his legal career defending those who cannot defend themselves. He has always felt passionately about standing up for the underdog. While the State and Federal governments have unlimited resources, Birc believes in helping those who have the deck stacked against them. Sometimes popular opinion believes that if you have been arrested, you must have done something wrong, he works hard to change this belief inside the courtroom.

Birc is married to a wonderful woman and has two beautiful children. He enjoys working out and as a former college athlete and captain of the team, loves pushing himself to the limits and taking on a challenge. He will not ever be out worked.

He was named one of Arkansas’s Top 40 lawyers under 40 years old, and for good reason. He has also been named as one of the ten best criminal law attorneys in Arkansas for client satisfaction. He is the current head of the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association Criminal Division. He is a passionate litigator who loves what he does and gets proven results.