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In 2013, I confirmed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan for a couple with two homes. Both mortgages were underwater and I was able to reduce the amount owed by more than $500,000. This kept both properties in their family. And it allowed their elderly father to remain in the home he built when he came to America. I’ve also successfully kept multiple homes in families after borrowers of reverse mortgages passed away and the banks failed to properly follow the contract.

Since that time, I’ve expanded my practice to representing victims of motor vehicle accidents. Insurance companies shouldn’t profit from the pain and suffering of my client’s experience. Every day I am able to get fair and just compensation for my clients and protect their rights. Because that goes to the heart of who I am as a person.

It’s easy for injury victims to ask “why can’t the insurance company just be fair?” From your eyes, it’s simple: you’re injured and insurance companies are there for these times. But insurance companies are businesses. They don’t look at what’s “fair” to you. They look at their bottom line and what will make them a profit. This means every person is only a number.

And to some law firms, it’s the same thing. Clients are a number. But not with my firm. We know that you’re a person first. Your health, your family, your job. These are all things that weigh on you and that your injury affects. Corporations can cut a check and move on, but what happens for your life after? You’re still left with lifelong effects.

We can’t discuss your injuries without discussing how they’ve changed your life. Sometimes the effects can go far-reaching. This is why we approach every case looking at the entire picture. I want to learn the whole story.


  • State Bar of California
  • Eastern District of California
  • Eastern District of California, Bankruptcy Court
  • Northern District of California
  • Northern District of California, Bankruptcy Court


  • San Diego County Bar
  • California Bureau of Real Estate, Licensed Broker



UC Davis, King Hall School of Law, J.D.


Franklin & Marshall College, B.S.