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Attorney Carol Barnes has been licensed to practice law since 1995 after passing multiple state bar examinations. She has always had a passion for justice and the law. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at California State University in 1990. By 1994, she had her Juris Doctor in-hand from the Regent University of Law. Prior to practicing law, Ms. Barnes was a jury consultant who assisted attorneys impaneling juries in high-dollar complex civil litigation. She performed statistical analysis, created jury profiles, and conducted mock jury trials.

Attorney Barnes carries a number of prestigious certifications. After passing numerous, rigorous financial examination, she attained certification as a Financial Divorce Analyst. In addition, she completed workshops at Harvard University Law School and attained certification as a Divorce Mediator and Negotiator. She is also a former court-appointed special advocate for children and a court-appointed guardian ad litem. As a standout attorney, she is one of a handful of attorneys in the United States who successfully completed the esteemed American Bar Association Family Law Trial Advocacy Institute on trial testimony and expert witnesses. Attorney Carol Barnes launched her legal career as a district attorney in Colorado Springs. She then furthered her experience working as an attorney at HM. In 2006, she opened her own firm, where she continues to practice law.