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As founder of Fears Law, Bryan believes the law is here to serve everyone and should be accessible to all. It’s this steadfast belief, coupled with Bryan’s entrepreneurial spirit and lifelong love of complex problem solving, that led to the creation of the firm.

Bryan’s passion for helping people is felt by every client that walks through his door. This same passion is found flowingthrough every aspect of the firm today. Sure he’s an esteemed attorney, collaborator, and successful business owner, but the two most impressive things about Bryan are the way he treats others and his drive to serve the greater good.

From an early age, Bryan’s work ethic and perseverance came to light. As a high school and college student Bryan worked at a steel mill in the Golden Triangle (Southeast Texas) and spent a summer on an offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Then, following his entrepreneurial instincts, Bryan started his own firm in 2005. Since then, he’s strategically grown the firm to serve thousands of clients across a growing list of states including Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona.

When he’s not practicing law and helping others, Bryan is an avid runner and recently completed the New York Marathon. Bryan and his family are passionate philanthropists who give back to the community by supporting various environmental, educational, and performing and visual arts non-profit organizations. In their down time, Bryan, his wife, and two sons enjoy being outdoors at their countryside farm in Murchison, Texas.