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4401 N. Eagle Road, Suite 102 Boise, Idaho 83713
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Alexandria Kincaid is a former prosecutor and elected District Attorney with over 20 years of experience as a successful trial attorney and strategic planner. She has drafted thousands of estate and business plans for her clients. Alex is a nationally renowned public speaker and legal analyst for radio and television shows, including appearances on Fox News and Fox Business News. She has the rare distinction of successfully representing clients in both criminal and civil cases, having received the Top 10 Attorney Award from the National Criminal Defense Attorneys and been named to the Top 100 Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

Alex made her mark as a respected and tenacious prosecutor by successfully trying hundreds of cases involving all manner of crimes (including sexual assaults and aggravated murders). Relying on her success and experience as a trial attorney, she uses her knowledge of the legal system and the predatory mind to help others avoid the publicity and delays of the government-controlled court system and to deter frivolous lawsuits through proper planning. She stands ready to defend her clients should they ever be subjected to the court system.

Alex routinely helps seniors, veterans, gun owners, business owners, farmers and ranchers, and many others with their legal issues, although most of her clients own at least one firearm and enjoy conversing about politics and guns. Alex is also the founder of two charities – the Alex Kincaid Law Scholarship Fund and the Hidden Hollow Horse Rescue.

Alex views her career as a lawyer as more than being a successful attorney: she strives to improve the legal system and to educate the public about important topics. To that end, Alex hosts “The AK Show,” and is a staunch advocate of the Second Amendment. She devotes time to drafting and revising our laws related to the Second Amendment and gun rights, crimes, law-enforcement, and estates. She is referred to as Idaho’s premier Second Amendment Attorney, and serves as legal counsel to the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance. She is a contributing author for RECOIL and Concealment magazines, the American Shooting Journal, and Ammoland, and is the author of two books, including the ultimate legal reference manual for American gun owners: Infringed.

Alex is licensed to practice law in Idaho and Oregon.