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9186 Katy Freeway Houston, Texas 77055
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Born during British Rule in Nairobi, Kenya, Adam and his family moved to London, England where he spent his childhood. Soon after, they moved to Houston, Texas. Adam completed grade school in Houston, then went on to University of Houston to pursue a Bachelors in Biology. Adam then moved to Dallas to attend Parker College of Chiropractic where he graduated in 1999. He currently also holds a Bachelors in Anatomy. He received his J.D. from South Texas College of Law in 2004 and immediately opened up his own firm, Ramji Law Group, representing individuals injured by the negligence of others. He continues to represent people from slip and falls to catastrophic injuries.

Adam is devoted to helping injured patients and clients utilizing both of his professions. Having the credentials as a Doctor and as a Lawyer create a significant advantage for his clients.

Adam continues to give back also in the form of seminars. Adam teaches doctors how to best run a personal injury office and also donates his time to giving free seminars to communities to educate them on their rights. Adam is also a mediator and very often donates his time to the Dispute Resolution Center to mediate cases for Houstonians.

Adam is a very involved Parent Ambassador at Awty where his children attend and enjoys taking his children skiing, hunting and other outdoor activities.