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Michael S. Lamonsoff, a top personal injury lawyer in New York, is called “The Bull” by his clients because he never stops fighting for them.

With deep experience in handling the gambit of personal injury lawsuits from construction accidents, premises liability, sexual abuse to mass torts and others.  We have handled many of the highest profile injury cases in New York and across the country.

Michael “The Bull” Lamonsoff believes in preparing every case for trial even though the vast majority of cases settle. The insurance companies want to control the process. They want to limit the amount of compensation our clients get for their injuries by offering inadequate offers of settlement. We take the control of the process away from them. Our firm speedily and aggressively litigates every case as if it were going to trial.  The insurance companies are terrified of this. They know that once the case goes to trial, a jury will decide how much money an injury victim will get. A jury is made up of people just like you and others in your community. They are far more sympathetic to our clients’ plight than multi-national insurance corporations. That is why, as our client’s case gets closer to trial, the more money they will offer.