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Jonathan Kitchen, like his father and grandfather before him, has been a lawyer his entire life. Starting as a barrister in England, and then an academic lawyer teaching at Cambridge and then Stanford, he became a member of the California Bar over forty years ago. Since then he has practiced in some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the country, including Baker & McKenzie and Cox, Castle & Nicholson.  He is first and foremost a trial lawyer, and has tried dozens of cases, for both plaintiffs and defendants, in state and federal courts across the country. He has handled disputes worth billions of dollars at one extreme, class actions for multi-national and national corporations, and neighborhood disputes for individuals and families at the other. He has litigated, appealed, arbitrated, mediated and settled hundreds and hundreds of cases of all kinds, particularly involving real estate, but also involving fraud, contracts, securities, access, discrimination, employment and other issues. He has handled cases all over the United States, in California, Texas, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, New York, Illinois, Arizona and Alaska. He is a passionate advocate, with a fierce concentration on clarity, simplicity and truth.

Jonathan founded the Kitchen Law Group to continue to bring those talents and services to clients in a down to earth, flexible and practical  atmosphere, advising on all forms of commercial litigation, particularly focused on real estate related matters but able to represent both large corporations and individuals in complex matters across a wide range of practice areas. The firm has a record of successfully counseling clients on everything from risk mitigation, initial filings and responses, to arbitration or mediation, legal research, bench trials, jury trials and beyond.

We take great pride in our strong relationships with our clients, who trust us to keep them well-informed, confident, prepared, and ultimately impressed with the results.  Our goal is to make sure that our clients have the best and most experienced representation, and that they have the highest level of confidence in their counsel.